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go lessonsgo teacher
European Go Congress-2000, Strausberg Simultaneous games during LG Cup-2001, Moscow
weiqi lessonsbaduk teacher
LG Cup-2001 LG Cup-2001
go sessionsteaching service
Toyota&Denso Go Odza-2002, AmsterdamToyota&Denso Go Odza-2002, Final game
breakfast's lessonsgo instructor
Toyota&Denso Go Odza-2002, Final game Toyota&Denso Go Odza-2002, Prize giving ceremony
go tutorshindogo
Toyota&Denso World Championship-2002A difficult game against Yu Bin 9-dan
go instructorbaduk teacher
LG World Championship-2003 LG World Championship-2003
go lessonsgo tutor
LG World Championship-2003 LG World Championship-2003
weiqi teacher
LG World Championship-2003

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