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My score

According to
 I have 441 wins-99 losses in 105 European tournaments(Aug, 2012)

 3-5  score with Catalin Taranu, 5p
 5-1  with Guo Juan, 5p
14-3 with Svetlana Shikshina, 3p
22-6 with Ilja Shikshin, 7d
 5-1  with Rob van Zeijst, 7d
19-5 with Alexey Lazarev, 6d
 7-1  with Mero Csaba, 6d
 7-0  with Dragos Bajenaru, 6d
 4-0  with Franz-Josef Dickhut, 6d
 10-0  with Mezhov Oleg, 6d

The strongest professional I have ever beat is O Rissei, 9-dan,
former Japanese Kisei titleholder
The second one is probably Gueon Omin, 3-dan,
young professional from Korea.

Some of the games can be found on

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