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Amazing Gaming Feats of the 2020s

In the thousands of years of GO history, there have been many famous players with amazing skills and important influences on the development of GO, such as China’s Zhou Donghou, Fan Xiping, Shi Xiangxia, Liang Weijin, etc., as well as Japan’s Honinbo family, Anjing family, Inoue Family, Lin Family, etc.

There are modern GO players that are constantly pushing the attention of Go to new heights. Here are some of the top GO/Baduk players of the 2020s.

Ke Jie

At the age of 17, he was on top as the world's No. 1 was also the No. 1 in the world of Go for 40 consecutive months... Undoubtedly, the 22-year-old Chinese chess player Ke Jie is currently a leading figure in the world of Go.

Ke Jie is definitely a very special talented chess player. His style of chess can be summed up in four characters: "light, flamboyant, new, and courageous". To be brief, then in a word, "waves".

Ke Jie is a human chess player who is extremely willing to learn from AI chess players. In recent years, the style of chess has become more and more weird. Such that Ke Jie is destined to bring more exciting and genius-inspired games to chess fans in the future.

Shin Jin-seo

Shin Jin-seo is a top ranked South Korean GO player of the 2020s. Testament to his brilliance is the fact that he is the first player to reach an ELO of 3800.

Shin became a pro GO player in mid-2012 but since then, he had defeated Lee Chang-ho (who was a 9 dan as at the time) in a young players vs legends exhibition match in 2013. Shin then got promoted to dan 2 in the same year.

Shin became a 9 dan in 2018 and he has steadily grown into a top GO player who has amassed 3800 ELO and being the highest ranked player as at this time.

Park Junghwan

Park Junghwan, a South Korean professional GO player is a big name among the fans of GO in the 2020s. He is a 9-dan rank player.

Park became a professional GO player in 2006 and since then, he has won the Fujitsu Cup in 2011, reached the final of 2012 Ing Cup (beating Lee Chang-ho on his way), won the LG cup in 2015, he also won the 2017 World Go Championship among many other titles which is one of the reasons he has been a household name in the modern GO history.

GO game in a nutshell

The game of Go was born in China several thousand years ago. It has been played in Japan for 1200 years, but it has only recently spread to the West. The goal of the game is the constitution of territories using the simplest material: a board, called a goban, on which is traced a grid and pawns, called stones, which one poses on the intersections of this grid in turn.

The rules are learned in minutes and allow beginners to play exciting games quickly. Then, those who want to explore the intricacies of the game further can join a club and participate in tournaments. They will then be able to see that under its apparent simplicity which makes it accessible even to the youngest, the game of go is inexhaustible.

Play GO Online

There are also websites that can enable you to experience the game of Go from 5-way to 19-way. If you are not familiar with the rules of Go, you should read the tips on how to play first, and then start the challenge from the 5-way game that is most suitable for beginners.

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