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My teachers

My main teacher (He invited me to Korea):
Cheon Pungcho, 9p

My clubs and professionals-teachers:
Hyunhyun Go School
    Im Seonkeun 9p      Kang Hun 9p      Yi Hongyeol 9p  
Yangchon Go Club
    Wu Songsheng 9p  

   Kim Ilhwan 9p 

   Kim Tongyeop 9p     Kim Teokkyu 7p  
    An Kwanuk 9p      Kim Chongsu 8p      Pak Yeongchan 4p  
Yangchun Dail Baduk Tochan
    Kim Tongmyeon 9p     Kim Chagi 7p      Ryu Chaehyeong 9p

Heo Changheui Baduk Tochan
   Heo Changheui 9p      Cho Taehyeon 9p   Cheong Taesang 9p  
   Kim Yeonghwan 9p      Yi Sanghun 9p      Seo Musang 8p  


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