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Lectures list for Go lessons

Lectures list (updated April, 2011). I am preparing new topics regularly!

Each lecture is about 55-60 minutes - voice (Skype or KGS voice system) or text. All examples are mainly from recent pro and top KGS players games. All lectures are prepared personally by A.Dinerchtein and it's hard to find these knowledges in any other sources, such as English Go books and magazines.

* - Ideal choice for offline lecture

1. How to win opponents, who are much stronger than you.
2. Brilliant moves
3. Adji (hidden possibilities)
4. Finding last chances instead of resigning
5. Classic invasions*
6. Connecting stones (for double-digit kyu players)
7. Cross-cuts*
8. Direction of play*
9. Double kakari josekis*
10. Endgame (dan and high level kyu players)
11. Endgame (double-digit kyu players)
12. Capturing races (dan and high level kyu players)
13. Capturing races (double-digit kyu players)
14. How to defend your groups
15. Nikenbiraki (two-space extensions)
16. The way of using the walls
17. How to sacrifice stones -1
18. How to sacrifice stones -2
19. Iosu-miru (probes)
20. Killing groups
21. Special openings for aggressive players*
22. Special openings for peaceful players*
23. Nozoki (peeps)
24. How to save your stones (double-digit kyu players)
25. Sente vs gote
26. Standard 4-4 josekis -1
27. Standard 3-4 josekis -2
28. "Stone tower tesuji"or two-stone edge squeeze tesuji(30 min)
29. Vital or useless stones -1
30. Vital or useless stones -2
31. Vital or useless stones -3
32. Territory vs influence*
33. Winning a won game
34. Vital points
35. Everything about san-san
36. Good and bad shapes (double-digit kyu players)
37. Trick-moves*
38. Trick-moves for beginners*
39. New Korean trick-moves-1*
40. New Korean trick-moves-2*
41. Trick-moves, developed by A.Dinerchtein (30 min) *
42. Life&death problems from real games
43. Ko fights and ko threats
44. 5-4 and 5-3 stones
45. Unusual shimaris*
46. Reducing moyos
47. Finding mistakes in real pro games*
48. Everything about attachments*
49. Unknown openings*
50. Standard san-ren-sei vs low san-ren-sei opening (30 min)*
51. 5-5 and other extravagant stones (30 min)*
52. Corner shapes (double-digit kyu players, 30 min)
53. South cross fuseki - ideal choice for fighters
54. Shirae-sensei and his unusual fuseki
55. Mane-Go and Fujisawa Hosai
56. Andrei Cheburahov and 2-2 based fuseki
57. If you are tired from normal Go: Go-based variants (only offline)


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