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VOLUME 1 (2003-2004),
VOLUME 2 (2005-2006)
The collection features 555 of the most exciting professional and high-level amateur games.
All games are commented in detail by Alexandre Dinerchtein, 1-dan professional of the Hankuk Kiwon (Korean Baduk Association).
The database was compiled by Dmitrij Bogatskij using BiGo Assistant.
All features of BiGo Assistant - including full-board, three-quarter and half-board searches, detailed statistics, fuseki and joseki databases, searches by name, rank, date, and position - are available.
The program is suitable for amateurs from 10 kyu to 5 dan.

© 2003-2010 Alexandre Dinerchtein.
© 1998-2010 BiGo Software. All rights reserved.

Price: 30 usd each

Go equipment from South Korea (boards,bowls, stones,books) - attractive prices (lower than in US or European Go stores)
Contact me for details.

My Go book, published in 2010 by Slate&Shell(USA): New moves

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