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Go humour

trousey: what do you do if you lose on a stupid mistake like how do you forget about it i know you probably get asked that a lot
breakfast: hi
breakfast: hmm, hard Q
breakfast: just play more Go
breakfast: and make more mistakes :)
trousey: so just play more and keep making mistakes?
breakfast: yes :)
trousey: haha guess i'll go play another game thanks :)


Two Go players walking on the street:

- Can you see that Mercedes with the sexy girl inside?
- The girl who is talking by mobile phone?
- Right. She is my best friend!
- Wow! You are so lucky! Why don't you marry her?
- Are you stupid? She is paying $50 per hour for my Go lessons!


Frontier-guard and a Go player:

- Do you have travel insurance?
- I don't need it , because I am only coming for the Go tournament
- What is Go? - A game played with a board and stones
- Hmmm...You will need insurance, because the stones can fall on your head!


Go is much better than sex. Some reasons:

You can become a professional and be proud of it.
Spectators - are not a problem, if you wish to play Go.
You can play Go with people who have a different sexual orientation.
Serious games lasts for 10 hours or even more.
You can play all day, every day, for days on end.
You never fall ill, while playing Go.
You don't need to buy flowers or chocolate before the game.
There is never any committment after the game, just go find another playing partner.
You can play go by internet.
You can easily change the opponent.
You can already be a strong player at the age of 7.
You can enjoy the game at the age of 70, 80, 90...
As soon as you finish the game , you can start a new one.
Strong players can play lots of opponents simultaneously.
You can smoke and drink beer during the game.
Your opponent never complains, if you are playing too fast.
You don't need to kiss your opponent during the game or after the game.
You don't feel guilty after the game.
In go your performance improves with age.
In go your looks don't matter.
You can play go by yourself and not feel embarassed about it.
You can play go on the computer and not feel like a loser.


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